Xbox Game Pass Unveils Exciting Lineup for August 2023

Xbox Game Pass August 2023 lineup

August 2023 is shaping up to be an incredible month for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, with Microsoft unveiling a diverse and thrilling lineup of games to keep players hooked with Xbox Game Pass August 2023 lineup.

The gaming community is buzzing with excitement as six fantastic titles make their way to the Game Pass library in the first half of August. From heart-pounding action to soul-soothing adventures, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So, grab your controllers and let’s dive into the gaming extravaganza!

Xbox Game Pass August 2023 Lineup

1. Celeste

Kicking off the month with a bang, Celeste lands on the cloud, consoles, and PC, giving players a chance to delve into its critically acclaimed 2D platformer brilliance. Prepare for an exhilarating journey as you navigate through challenging levels and uncover a heartfelt story that will leave you in awe.

Available on – cloud, consoles, and PC

Release Date: Available Now

2. A Short Hike

On August 3, Game Pass subscribers are in for a treat with the addition of A Short Hike. This delightful game combines the joy of Super Mario 64-style collect-a-thon gameplay with the charming aesthetics reminiscent of Animal Crossing. Get ready to explore, soar, and discover the wonders of Hawk Peak Provincial Park.

Available on – cloud, consoles, and PC

Release Date: 03 August

3. Broforce Forever

Calling all run-and-gun enthusiasts! August 8 brings Broforce Forever to the scene, offering adrenaline-pumping 2D side-scrolling action like never before. Gather your squad of action movie-inspired characters and unleash mayhem as you liberate the world from evil forces.

Available on – cloud, consoles, and PC

Release Date: 08 August

4. Limbo

Embark on a hauntingly beautiful journey with Limbo, arriving on August 9. This mesmerizing 2D puzzle platformer boasts a unique black-and-white art style and challenging puzzles that will test your wit and determination. Be prepared for a thought-provoking and atmospheric experience.

Available on – Cloud, consoles, and PC

Release Date: 09 August

5. Airborne Kingdom

Looking for a different gaming adventure? Airborne Kingdom, landing on August 10, offers a fresh twist with its captivating city management gameplay. Take to the skies and build a floating kingdom, exploring the skies and forging alliances with other flying civilizations.

Available on – cloud, consoles, and PC

Release Date: 10 August

Everspace 2

Last but certainly not least, brace yourselves for Everspace 2, arriving on August 15. This space combat game promises epic battles and an immersive universe to explore. Previously available on PC Game Pass, Everspace 2 now graces the cloud and Xbox Series X/S consoles, providing even more opportunities to unleash your inner space-faring hero.

Available on – cloud & Xbox series X

Release Date: 15 August

Teasers for the Second Half of August

As if the first half of August with Xbox Game Pass August 2023 lineup wasn’t exciting enough, Microsoft has tantalized fans with hints about what’s to come in the second half. Get ready to face terror with The Texas Chain Saw Massacre multiplayer horror game on August 18. Then, embark on a captivating RPG adventure with Sea of Stars on August 29. Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements, as additional titles will be revealed in the August 2023 Wave 2 announcement.

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