CD Projekt Red Reveals Ambitious Witcher Trilogy ‘Polaris’ with Expanded Team

Witcher triology Polaris Team

In the realm of role-playing games (RPGs), CD Projekt Red stands as a stalwart creator of immersive and captivating experiences. Their hallmark achievement, Witcher 3, garnered accolades not only from critics but also amassed a staggering 50 million unit sales, solidifying its position as an iconic RPG.

Now, the anticipation simmers as the studio embarks on a new odyssey, codenamed Polaris, marking the inception of a fresh Witcher saga trilogy.

The Rise of Polaris

Since its pre-production launch in May 2022, Polaris has beckoned gamers to venture once more into The Witcher universe. As CD Projekt Red recently unveiled, the development team for Polaris consists of 260 adept individuals, eclipsing the 240-strong team that crafted the renowned Witcher 3.

This strategic augmentation underscores the studio’s commitment to not merely replicate past success but to transcend it.

Adam Kicinski, the CEO of CD Projekt Red, confirmed that many hands currently shaping the forthcoming Phantom Liberty expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 will later migrate to Polaris after the former’s release. This migration aims to funnel resources towards the evolution of Polaris, a testament to the studio’s ambitions for this new chapter.

Challenges and Lessons from the Past

The excitement surrounding Polaris is palpable, yet tempered by the shadow of CD Projekt Red’s recent history. The release of Cyberpunk 2077 was marred by technical glitches and performance issues that drew the ire of players and critics alike.

While the studio diligently issued patches and updates to rectify these concerns, the impact on player trust and enthusiasm was undeniable.

As gamers tread cautiously, they hope that CD Projekt Red’s dedication to rectifying past mistakes will shine through in Polaris. The legacy of Witcher 3 sets a high bar, and fans yearn for a seamless, breathtaking experience that the Witcher universe has always promised.

During a recent earnings call, CD Projekt’s CEO Adam Kiciński provided insights into the scale of their ongoing projects. “At the end of July, the Phantom Liberty team working on the pre-release phase consisted of 300 people.”

“That’s less than as of the end of 2022, but it still remains our biggest crew,” he added. “The Polaris crew, on the other hand, grew to approximately 260 developers by the end of July. We’ll move a significant portion of the team to Polaris after Phantom Liberty is released.”

A Glimpse into the Future

The future unfolds with promise and apprehension as CD Projekt Red envisions a trilogy of Witcher games to be delivered within a six-year window. The aspiration to craft an experience that not only captures hearts but also upholds the studio’s reputation is evident.

However, as the gaming community remains vigilant, it is the forthcoming Polaris that will serve as the first test of CD Projekt Red’s commitment to redemption.


The curtain rises on Polaris, the harbinger of a new Witcher saga trilogy. As CD Projekt Red endeavors to recapture the magic of The Witcher universe, the scale and dedication of the development team underscore their commitment to excellence.

The echoes of past challenges serve as a reminder that every journey is shaped by its history, and Polaris now stands at the crossroads of aspiration and atonement. Only time will reveal whether this chapter will redefine CD Projekt Red’s narrative in the realm of gaming.

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