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Night Vision Glitch Puts Warzone 2 Players in the Dark: Developers Responds

Warzone 2 Night Vision Bug

Nighttime multiplayer maps made their dramatic debut in Modern Warfare 2019. In this iteration, players were thrown into the depths of the dark, relying heavily on night vision goggles (NVGs) and laser-firing weapons to navigate their surroundings.

The sequel, Modern Warfare 2, upped the ante in Season 3. They introduced a night vision mode and the thrilling ‘Black Gold’ map. Here, players were plunged into complete darkness, their only savior being the NVGs. This dark feature also crept its way into DMZ during the same season update.

But hold your horses! In a surprising twist, Warzone 2 hadn’t officially incorporated NVGs into its gameplay. However, Season 5 experienced a little hiccup with Warzone 2 Night Vision Bug, allowing NVGs to sneak their way in – albeit unintentionally.

This Warzone 2 Night Vision Bug left the Warzone 2 community in a flurry. Popular streamer, Speros, found himself in a tricky situation during a solo match on Al Mazrah. Much to his chagrin, every time he accessed his inventory, his character would fumble, putting on and removing the NVGs. An exasperated Speros exclaimed, “It’s driving me up the wall! Why am I toggling night vision goggles every time I check my gear?”

The dev team at Warzone 2 didn’t waste a second, assuring the community on Warzone 2 Night Vision Bug, “We’re diving deep into the problem where players are unexpectedly getting equipped with NVGs in Battle Royale.”

For those itching for real-time updates on this glitch-fix, Warzone 2’s official Trello Board is the place to be. Though Raven Software hasn’t pinpointed a fix date, we’re keeping our fingers crossed and our eyes peeled. For now, players have to soldier on, braving the unanticipated nighttime challenge.

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