Valheim’s Ashlands Update Set to Bring Fierce New Features in 2024

Valheim 2024 Ashlands Update

Valheim, the multiplayer survival sandbox game that captured the gaming world’s attention upon its early access release in 2021, is gearing up for a major update in the first half of 2024. Dubbed the Valheim 2024 Ashlands Update, this expansion promises to introduce a range of exciting features, including new culinary delights, botanical wonders, and a fresh Viking fashion statement.

Like its predecessors, the update will first roll out on the Public Test Branch (PTB) before making its way to the live version, ensuring a seamless integration into the game.

Valheim 2024 Ashlands Update

Developed by Iron Gate Studio, Valheim takes players on a captivating journey through a vast Viking-inspired fantasy world. From crafting weapons and armor to constructing impressive structures across six distinct biomes, the game has garnered over 400,000 positive reviews on Steam, attesting to its popularity.

Valheim 2024 Ashlands Update, a desolate biome along the southern edge of the Valheim world, is a focal point of the upcoming update. Currently incomplete, this barren landscape is set to receive a makeover, promising players a wealth of new content to explore and conquer.

Release Details

Iron Gate Studio has officially confirmed the Valheim 2024 Ashlands Update for the first half of 2024. To keep the community engaged, the developers have initiated the “Walk & Talk” video series, featuring insights from key figures like community manager Josefin, artist/generalist Robin, and programmer Jonathan. This series provides an inside look at the development processes and the inspiration behind the highly anticipated Ashlands update.

Culinary Adventures in the Ashlands

One of the major highlights of the Valheim 2024 Ashlands Update is the introduction of new food recipes. Players can look forward to tantalizing treats such as Mashed Meat, a Piquant Pie, and Spicy Marmalade. However, gathering ingredients in the harsh Ashlands environment will present a challenge, requiring players to locate resilient plants unique to this biome.

For those with a keen eye for Viking fashion, the Valheim 2024 Ashlands Update promises a formidable new look. Players can expect fierce aesthetics to complement their survival journey in the unforgiving landscapes of Valheim.


As Valheim enthusiasts eagerly await the Valheim 2024 Ashlands Update, the game’s ongoing success and the developer’s commitment to refining the player experience underscore its enduring popularity.

The Ashlands expansion, with its promise of new challenges, culinary delights, and Viking fashion statements, is set to further solidify Valheim’s position as a leading player in the survival sandbox genre.

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