Magic: The Gathering and Tomb Raider Unveil an Epic Crossover with Seven New Cards

Tomb Raider x Magic: The Gathering Crossover

Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts are in for an electrifying crossover treat as the iconic tabletop game partners with the beloved Tomb Raider franchise. Tomb Raider x Magic: The Gathering Crossover is set to debut on November 20 via the Secret Lair’s website, this collaboration promises seven thrilling cards that blend the worlds of Lara Croft’s adventures with the spellbinding realm of Magic.

The announcement of this collaboration comes hot on the heels of Magic: The Gathering’s knack for innovative collaborations, notably through the Secret Lair series. This isn’t the first time the game has delved into crossover territory; in the past, players witnessed the fusion of Magic with diverse universes, including the likes of Street Fighter and Dungeons and Dragons in Tomb Raider x Magic: The Gathering Crossover.

Tomb Raider x Magic: The Gathering Crossover

The upcoming Tomb Raider set reveals a riveting array of cards that encapsulate the essence of Lara Croft’s escapades. Among them is the much-anticipated ‘Lara Croft, Tomb Raider’ card, showcasing our intrepid heroine in action.

The artwork of Tomb Raider x Magic: The Gathering Crossover beautifully captures Lara wielding a torch and pickaxe, a departure from her iconic twin pistols from the pre-reboot era. Notably, this three-mana card introduces a unique mechanic allowing players to exile Artifacts and Legendary Lands from both their graveyard and their opponent’s upon Lara’s attack.

The set also includes reprints of familiar Magic cards, such as ‘The Lost Valley,’ which intriguingly boasts a double-sided feature, revealing ‘Heart of the Explorer’ on its flip side. Fans eagerly anticipate this Tomb Raider x Magic: The Gathering Crossover fresh addition to the Magic: The Gathering universe, especially considering the wide-reaching appeal of Tomb Raider.

While news of a new Tomb Raider game is still under wraps post the 2018 ‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider,’ Lara’s presence remains strong in various realms, including an appearance in Call of Duty. Additionally, the anticipation for the upcoming Tomb Raider anime slated for release on Netflix next year heightens the excitement surrounding this beloved franchise.

The Tomb Raider x Magic: The Gathering Crossover promises an enticing blend of adventure, strategy, and nostalgia for fans of both worlds. The Secretversary Superdrop on November 20 holds the key to unlocking these exhilarating new cards, inviting players to immerse themselves in the fusion of two iconic universes.

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