PUBG Developers Respond to Player Feedback by Temporarily Pulling New Weapon, Dragunov Rifle

PUBG Dragunov rifle

In a move driven by community feedback, developers Krafton and PUBG Corporation have taken a step back in their latest update for PUBG: Battlegrounds. The August 2 update, which featured a slew of alterations to the beloved battle royale multiplayer game, introduced the PUBG Dragunov Rifle as a new weapon.

However, a strong negative response from fans prompted the developers to temporarily remove the firearm due to concerns over its reliance on a random number system for damage calculation. The decision comes as part of Krafton’s commitment to maintaining a balanced and skill-based gameplay experience.

PUBG Dragunov Rifle Controversy

The PUBG Dragunov Rifle, a powerful addition to the game’s arsenal, raised eyebrows among the PUBG: Battlegrounds community. The weapon, which utilizes 7.62mm ammunition and possesses the firepower of a sniper rifle, disappointed players due to its dependency on a random number generator (RNG) to determine damage inflicted.

This RNG-based mechanic was met with skepticism as it seemingly undermined players’ skill and turned kills into matters of luck rather than mastery. The swift and responsive nature of Krafton’s actions in the wake of these concerns reflects their dedication to upholding the integrity of the game.

Developer’s Official Statement

In response to the fervent feedback from players, Krafton addressed the situation through a statement on the official PUBG: Battlegrounds website. The statement acknowledged the community’s apprehension regarding the PUBG Dragunov Rifle mechanics and outlined the developer’s commitment to rectify the issue.

To allow for a comprehensive assessment of the weapon system, the developers have temporarily withdrawn the Dragunov rifle from live servers. In a bid to involve players in the refinement process, Krafton has encouraged users to complete a feedback form.

Diverse Updates and Collaborations

Beyond the controversy surrounding the PUBG Dragunov Rifle, the 25.1 update ushered in a host of gameplay alterations that garnered both excitement and anticipation from the player base. The refreshed map, coupled with the introduction of sandstorms, brought about new dynamics to the game.

These sandstorms, replacing the former Red Zone on the Miramar map, pose challenges such as reduced visibility and gradually diminishing health, injecting fresh challenges into the gameplay.

The update also highlighted a collaboration between Krafton and luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin. Players now have the opportunity to navigate the game’s redesigned terrain in a high-end supercar.

This collaboration underscores PUBG: Battlegrounds’ continuous efforts to infuse novel experiences into the game. This venture follows a string of successful partnerships, including a recent collaboration with Capcom that brought Street Fighter 6-themed skins to the game, featuring iconic characters like Ryu, Chun-li, and Cammy.

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