Niantic Takes Swift Action Against Pokemon GO Players Exploiting XL Candy Farming

Pokemon GO XL Candy Route

In a recent development, Niantic, the developer behind the widely popular mobile game Pokemon GO, has taken strict measures to curb the exploitation of an exploit that allows players to easily accumulate XL Candies.

The exploit, which involves manipulating the newly introduced Routes feature, has prompted Niantic to issue temporary bans ranging from 30 to 230 days to offending players. Repeated violations of the game’s policies could result in permanent bans, according to the company’s stern warning.

Evolution of Pokemon GO and Introduction of Routes

Since its inception in 2016, Pokemon GO has undergone substantial transformations, captivating players globally for over seven years. The game’s most recent addition, the Routes feature, made its debut last month, adding a new layer of exploration to the gameplay.

These predefined paths, established by Niantic, promotional partners, or players themselves, offer rewards to those who successfully complete them, encouraging adventurers to traverse different locations.

Exploit Unearthed: The XL Candy Farming Scheme

Players recently stumbled upon an unintended loophole within the Routes mechanic, allowing them to exploit Pokemon GO’s XL Candy system with minimal effort. By employing multiple third-party applications, players could amass a considerable number of XL Candies while leaving the app running overnight.

Reports even surfaced of a YouTuber boasting a remarkable yield of over 100 XL Candies per hour using this exploit. However, Niantic swiftly detected the misuse and has begun enforcing penalties against those who employed the scheme.

Stringent Bans and Potential Ramifications

Niantic’s response to the exploit has been resolute, with temporary bans being levied against the culprits. The duration of these bans ranges from 30 days to as long as 230 days. The official ban message, in a strong deterrent tone, indicates that habitual offenders may face the dire consequence of a permanent ban from the game.

While some may argue that the bans are stringent, it’s difficult to deny the blatant cheating involved. This illicit maneuver required players to manipulate their device’s GPS using external applications, creating a false impression of Route completion.

Normally, the game’s speed cap prevents swift Route traversal, but a glitch rendered this mechanism ineffective, allowing players to complete Routes instantly. Subsequently, an auto clicker software was employed to repeatedly restart the Route, enabling them to complete it at the maximum speed dictated by their phone’s CPU.

Mixed Reactions Within the Community

Interestingly, the news of these bans hasn’t elicited an overwhelmingly passionate response from the Pokemon GO community. While some have raised the possibility of accidental Route completion due to GPS drift, skepticism surrounds claims of extensive drift, often exceeding 40 kilometers.

Many community members seem to be in agreement that consequences for exploiting the game’s mechanics are justifiable, considering the intricate web of third-party applications and deliberate manipulation involved.

Routes Feature Faces Teething Troubles

The XL Candy exploit is just one of the several teething troubles that have arisen following the launch of Pokemon GO’s new Routes feature. Players have encountered difficulties in locating Routes, and in some cases, the Routes offered are virtually impossible to complete due to technical glitches or paths trespassing through private property.

A subset of users has also reported instances of bugs and crashes associated with the Routes feature. This series of hiccups suggests that the rollout of this promising feature could have benefited from a smoother implementation process.


Niantic’s swift response to the exploitation of Pokemon GO’s Routes mechanic underscores its commitment to maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for its global player base. While the community’s reaction has been mixed, it is evident that the consequences of utilizing such intricate exploits are an inherent part of the gaming landscape.

As Niantic continues to refine and expand the game, players can expect a more refined gameplay experience that balances innovation with integrity.

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