Pikachu Gets New Summer Costume and Mythical Diancie Coming to Pokemon GO Fest 2023

Pokemon GO Pikachu new costume

The ever-popular electric mouse Pokemon, Pikachu, will receive a new summer-themed costume to celebrate Pokemon GO Fest 2023 this August.

According to a recent datamine by PokeMiners, Pokemon GO Pikachu new costume will be variant of the Okinawan Kariyushi Shirt that was previously only available during the Air Adventures Okinawa event in Japan.

In addition to Pikachu’s new costume, the Mythical Pokemon Diancie will also make its debut in Pokemon GO during the upcoming Pokemon GO Fest 2023. This will give trainers around the world the first chance to add this elusive Rock/Fairy type Pokemon to their collection.

Details on Pokemon GO Pikachu new costume Still Unknown

While we got a sneak peek at the new costume from the datamine, Niantic has yet to share details on exactly how players can obtain the Pikachu wearing the summery Okinawan shirt. However, based on previous similar events, it’s likely that Pikachu will appear more frequently in the wild and in raids.

There’s also indication there may be a shiny version of the Pokemon GO Pikachu new costume. Hopefully Niantic will reveal more specifics soon, as Pokemon GO Fest 2023 and the debut of Diancie is now only about a week away.

Pokemon GO Fest 2023 Coming to London, Osaka, New York City

Pokemon GO Fest 2023 will kick off in London and Osaka on August 4th for the first of three days of in-person gameplay and rewards. The event will then move to New York City starting August 18th. For trainers not able to attend in person, Pokemon GO Fest 2023: Global will begin on August 26th, allowing everyone to participate locally. It is also expected that GO Fest will also address Poke Ball Gifts issue.

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