Overwatch 2 Faces Mixed User Reviews on Steam Debut with Season 6: Invasion

Overwatch 2 on Steam Reviews

Blizzard Entertainment launched Overwatch 2 on Steam as part of the highly anticipated Season 6: Invasion update. The decision to bring the popular hero shooter to the Steam platform was met with both excitement and skepticism, as it opened the doors for other Blizzard franchises to follow suit in the future.

Overwatch 2 on Steam Reviews

However, the arrival of Overwatch 2 on Steam was accompanied by a wave of controversy. Within hours of its August 10 debut, the game found itself labeled as “Mostly Negative” on Steam due to a barrage of critical user reviews.

At present, Overwatch 2 on Steam Reviews bears the brunt of a “Mostly Negative” rating, with approximately 72% of user reviews expressing discontent with the game.

It’s important to take these initial user reviews with a grain of caution, given that such early assessments are susceptible to review bombing—an unfortunate trend that has gained momentum in recent months. Notable titles like Final Fantasy XVI and Diablo 4 have also fallen victim to similar public backlash in this year alone.

You can read flood of negative reviews here.

Among the negative user reviews of Overwatch 2 on Steam Reviews, a significant portion lacks substantial critique, offering statements like “Overwatch 1 > Overwatch 2” or simply labeling the game as “terrible.” Curiously, some reviews even include links to Team Fortress 2’s Steam store page, seemingly unrelated to Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 on Steam Reviews
Overwatch 2 Faces Mixed User Reviews on Steam Debut with Season 6: Invasion 1

Conversely, some players have directed their dissatisfaction towards Overwatch 2’s shift towards player versus environment (PVE) content. Specifically, criticism has been directed at the absence of meaningful hero progression, coupled with the pricing strategy of “only $15” for the initial batch of Story Missions. One user voiced concern about what they perceive as “predatory behavior” and urged others not to support it.

Historically, instances of Overwatch 2 on Steam Reviews bombing have demonstrated the potential to balance out as more players engage with the game and provide their genuine feedback. While it remains possible that the negative user reviews may taper off over the coming days, there is also the chance that they could persist, resulting in the “Mostly Negative” label sticking around indefinitely.

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