Overwatch 2 Season 8 Introduces Mauga with Exciting Buffs and Gameplay Changes

Overwatch 2 Mauga Changes

As Overwatch 2 approaches its highly anticipated Season 8, fans are eagerly awaiting the debut of the game’s newest hero, Mauga. Unveiled during BlizzCon 2023, Mauga, a formidable Samoan Tank armed with twin chainguns, promises an explosive Overwatch 2 Mauga Changes. Set against the backdrop of a new game mode, Clash, and the accompanying map, Hanaoka, Season 8 is poised to deliver fresh excitement to players.

Overwatch 2 Mauga Changes

Mauga’s arsenal includes two massive chainguns, capable of setting targets ablaze and delivering critical damage. His abilities, Overrun and Cage Fight, empower players to charge aggressively, sending opponents airborne, and trap enemies in a cylindrical cage, providing Mauga with unlimited ammo to dispatch his prey.

Players had the chance to experience these new abilities firsthand during BlizzCon, allowing for valuable feedback and adjustments before Mauga’s official Season 8 launch with Overwatch 2 Mauga Changes.

Survivability Concerns

Following the trial, concerns about Mauga’s survivability surfaced, prompting the Overwatch 2 development team to confirm forthcoming buffs. In the latest Overwatch 2 Director’s Take, Aaron Keller revealed some of the adjustments aimed at addressing these concerns with Overwatch 2 Mauga Changes.

Plans include replacing 150 health with armor and reducing the size of Mauga’s headshot hitbox. The goal is to enhance Mauga’s ability to endure battles and reduce his reliance on support.

Ability Tweaks

The Overwatch 2 team is also fine-tuning Mauga’s abilities to make him a more formidable tank. Changes to Overrun are in the works, with a potential 50% damage reduction while charging and immunity to Sombra’s Hack.

Additionally, the health gained with Cardiac Overdrive may see an increase. These adjustments aim to strike a balance, ensuring Mauga remains a force to be reckoned with while addressing concerns about his survivability with Overwatch 2 Mauga Changes.

Mauga’s dual chainguns are not exempt from the development team’s scrutiny. Changes to spread, fire rate, and damage falloff when firing both guns simultaneously are being explored. The goal is to make Mauga’s damage against smaller targets more reliable, enhance his survivability, and temper his damage output against larger characters, such as tanks.

Upcoming Buffs for Roadhog

Mauga isn’t the only hero receiving attention, as the Tank hero Roadhog is set to receive buffs to his self-healing ability, Take a Breather. This comes just days after Roadhog’s long-awaited rework went live, adding another layer of excitement to the Overwatch 2 community with Overwatch 2 Mauga Changes.


As Season 8 of Overwatch 2 approaches on December 5, players can anticipate an exhilarating experience with the introduction of Mauga and the dynamic changes to existing heroes. While the mentioned buffs are in the testing phase and subject to adjustments, they reflect the developers’ commitment to delivering a balanced and engaging gameplay experience in Overwatch 2.

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