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The Long-Awaited Return of a Fan Favorite: ACR Confirmed for Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 ACR

Call of Duty fans rejoice – it looks like a beloved classic weapon is making its return in the upcoming Modern Warfare 3, developed by Sledgehammer Games.

In a recent tweet, Sledgehammer broke down details on the new tac-stance movement mechanics coming to MW3. However, what really caught fans’ eyes was the weapon being used in the social media post – the Modern Warfare 3 ACR assault rifle.

Modern Warfare 3 ACR Riffle Confirmed

This iconic rifle originally debuted in 2009’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, where it quickly became a fan favorite and dominated the game’s meta. Known for its high accuracy and easy-to-control recoil, the ACR was voted the #1 favorite MW2 assault rifle in an Infinity Ward poll.

Fans immediately picked up on its presence in the Sledgehammer tweet, with excited replies like “This is what we needed!” and “Ok, this game is a must.” The Modern Warfare 3 ACR has been absent from recent Call of Duty games, last appearing in 2016’s Infinite Warfare, making its return in MW3 a welcome one for veteran players.

Some in the community urge caution until Sledgehammer formally confirms the weapon’s name, not wanting to get too hyped up. But based on leaked Modern Warfare 3 weapon rosters, the ACR’s inclusion makes perfect sense. It was also confirmed that Verdansk map return in modern warfare 3.

Of course, the big question is whether the Modern Warfare 3 ACR will still dominate lobbies like it did back in its Modern Warfare 2 heyday. Fans are hoping it retains its top-tier stats instead of being nerfed into obscurity.

Regardless, the Modern Warfare 3 ACR return is a smart move by Sledgehammer, tapping into series nostalgia and giving classic Modern Warfare fans something to be excited about. If the leaks hold true, prepare to see a whole lot of ACR loadouts when Modern Warfare 3 drops later this year.

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