Innovative Yet Unbalanced: Inside Riot’s Augment Testing for LoL Arena

LoL Arena Augments that not involved

Riot Games recently revealed some of the augment ideas that were considered but didn’t make it into the final release of Teamfight Tactics: Arena. While many innovative augments made it into the auto-battler’s labs set, the developers tried out many other creative concepts.

Some of the LoL Arena Augments that not involved effects like letting champions jump to nearby hexes, granting attack speed for scoring takedowns, and boosting stats after visiting the carousel. The devs explained that augments get removed if they create unhealthy patterns, are too hard to balance, or take away meaningful choices.

Here are the 3 LoL Arena Augments that not involved

One unused augment was called Shitake Happens. This would place deadly mushrooms randomly around the arena that damaged any player’s champions who stepped on them. The augment holder could see mushroom locations, letting them tactically avoid mushroom damage.

Another scrapped augment was Flicker, which gave random teleportation and invisibility to the player’s champions during combat. While some players enjoyed the unpredictability, others found it too disruptive. Striking the right balance likely led to it being cut.

An augment called Pass-a-Fist prevented the holder’s champions from attacking directly. Instead, they would grant an attack and speed boost to an ally champion, along with transferring any on-hit effects. This creative idea didn’t make the final game.

Even though these LoL Arena Augments that not involved for Arena, the team at Riot Games continues to experiment with innovative mechanics for their auto-battler games. The variety of augments provides strategic depth and leads to novel team compositions. Fans are eager to see what other creative ideas the developers have in store for the future sets and titles in the Teamfight Tactics franchise.

The process of iterating on augment concepts is key to ensuring TFT remains fresh and engaging though LoL Arena Augments that not involved. Though not every idea pans out, Riot’s willingness to try inventive augments and refine the ones that are best for the game is appreciated by the community. Players are excited to theorycraft new strategies as more original augments are introduced over time.

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