Life By You Early Access Version Coming in Early 2024

Life by You Early Access

Life By You, the upcoming life simulation game that is often compared to The Sims, has announced it will be releasing in Life by You Early Access in 2024. The game is being developed by Chinese Paradox Tectonic and will allow players to customize characters and control their daily lives.

Unlike The Sims, Life By You will have a bigger focus on social interactions and relationships. Players will be able to choose different personality traits, values, and backstories for their characters, all of which will impact how they behave and form connections. Romance and friendship will be key gameplay elements.

Life by You Early Access

The Life by You Early Access version slated for release on 5th March, 2024 will allow players to provide feedback to help shape the full launch. It is expected to include the character creator tools, core gameplay loops like working and socializing, and a section of the open neighborhood to explore. More content like additional locales, events, mini-games, and customization items will be added over time based on community input.

The developers of Life By You have shared some other details about what players can expect from the Life by You Early Access version. There will be several different neighborhood environments to choose from when first creating a character, ranging from bustling urban areas to quiet suburban communities. Each will come with pre-designed homes and NPCs that your character can interact with.

While the full Life By You experience is meant to be about creatively shaping your character’s life, the early access content will have guidance in the form of short scenario-based quests to introduce core mechanics.

These will cover things like finding a job, making friends, developing skills, and even finding love. The quests serve as an onboarding experience for new players to familiarize themselves with the possibilities before freeform play.

Along with testing out the core gameplay loops, early access players will also be encouraged to experiment with the customization tools. The developers want feedback on what cosmetic items and build/buy assets feel most appealing and essential for bringing your character’s personal style to life within their living spaces and wardrobes. User suggestions will drive what gets expanded in future updates.

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