New Honkai Star Rail Leaks Hint at Upcoming March 7th Skins

Honkai Star Rail 7th March skin leak

According to recent leaks, the popular anime-style game Honkai Star Rail may be getting some exciting new cosmetic items in a future update. Dataminers have uncovered assets referring to a “March 7th” skin for one of the characters.

While not yet officially confirmed by developer Hoyoverse, fans are speculating this could be a birthday-themed skin for the character Honkai Star Rail 7th March skin leak, who first appeared in Honkai Impact 3rd. Birthday skins have been a tradition in Hoyoverse games, where special outfits are released to celebrate a character’s in-game birthday.

The leaks originated on social media, where dataminers shared their findings from digging through the game’s files. Images show a 3D model of March 7th along with some telling file names and properties.


Fans are eagerly anticipating more details on when and how this skin will be obtainable in-game. Honkai Star Rail already features some beautiful character outfits, so expectations are high for this potential birthday skin.

The game has seen a strong reception since its limited launch last year, with players praising its story, strategic combat, and anime-inspired aesthetic. More content updates are planned for Honkai Star Rail throughout 2023, making the future bright for this up-and-coming Hoyoverse title.

While not confirmed, the Honkai Star Rail 7th March skin leak provide an exciting sneak peek at what may be in store. Players will have to stay tuned for official news from the developers on if and when they can get their hands on this rumored March 7th birthday skin. But the hype is already building in the game’s community.

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