Elden Ring Patch 1.10 Brings Major PvP Changes and New Content

Elder Ring Patch 1.10 notes

FromSoftware has released a new major Elder Ring Patch 1.10 notes, bringing the popular action RPG to version 1.10. This patch includes some highly anticipated additions to the game as well as numerous bug fixes and balance changes.

One of the most notable new features is the inclusion of ray tracing support on PC for enhanced lighting effects. Players with compatible hardware can enable ray traced reflections and shadows for improved graphical fidelity.

There are also new questlines added featuring fan favorite characters like Jerren and Nepheli Loux. These help flesh out the backstories of key NPCs. Players who have already progressed past certain points may need to start a NG+ cycle to experience this new content of Elder Ring Patch 1.10 notes.

In terms of balance changes, Colossal Swords have received a boost to their speed and recovery time after attacks. Many sorceries and incantations have had their casting times reduced as well. The patch also brings poise damage adjustments and improved quest/grace guidance.

FromSoftware has addressed dozens of bug fixes related to weapons, skills, menus, NPC behavior and more. Performance and stability have been improved across all platforms.

Here is a summary of the Elder Ring Patch 1.10 notes:

PvP-exclusive balance adjustments

  • Increased poise damage of weapons, spells, incantations
  • Increased poise from certain attacks
  • Added damage reduction when using poise-generating attacks
  • Extended critical hit angles
  • Decreased invulnerability of Quick Step and Hound’s Step skills
  • Lowered damage reduction from some skills, incantations, items

General balance adjustments

  • Boosted critical hit damage
  • Reduced recovery time after missed critical hits
  • Increased poise damage after missed critical hits

Bug Fixes and other changes

  • Fixed player attack direction shift when hit during poise attacks
  • Resolved bug preventing some spells/incantations damaging under certain effects
  • Sacred Order skill no longer retains bonuses after switching weapons
  • Corrected text in some languages

The new Elder Ring Patch 1.10 notes shows that the developers are committed to supporting the game long-term. It brings exciting additions as well as meaningful quality-of-life improvements based on community feedback. Players eager for more reasons to return to the Lands Between have a lot to look forward to in this patch.

Elden Ring Patch 1.10 Brings Major PvP Changes and New Content

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