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Diablo 4 Unveils Exclusive Death’s Burden Mount Bundle as Prime Gaming Reward for Year-End

Diablo 4 Prime Gaming Reward for December

In a festive end-of-year surprise for the Diablo 4 gaming community, Blizzard Entertainment has partnered with Amazon Prime to offer an enticing freebie. Until January 18, 2024, dedicated Diablo 4 players with an Amazon Prime subscription can snag the Death’s Burden mount bundle, a captivating cosmetic addition to the game as a Diablo 4 Prime Gaming Reward for December.

Diablo 4 Prime Gaming Reward for December

Traditionally, Blizzard’s collaboration with Amazon Prime has centered around monthly giveaways, usually consisting of Battle Pass tier skips. However, this month, the spotlight is on the Death’s Burden mount bundle, injecting a fresh wave of excitement into the player base.

The Death’s Burden bundle encompasses three eerie mount cosmetics for Diablo 4 enthusiasts. Included in the package are the Bonemail horse armor, along with the Morgan’s Cage and Mort trophies, creating a visually stunning addition to the game. Adam Fletcher, Diablo global community development director, took to Twitter to share the news, sparking anticipation among the player community.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to claim Diablo 4 Prime Gaming Reward for December:

  1. Subscribe to Amazon Prime or initiate a free trial if available.
  2. Link your Amazon Prime and Battle.net accounts.
  3. Visit the Diablo 4 Prime Gaming page to claim the Death’s Burden bundle.
  4. Log into Diablo 4, head to the Stables in any city, and equip the new cosmetics.

It’s important to note that players must unlock mounts in Diablo 4 by reaching Act 4 in the main campaign before being able to use these Diablo 4 Prime Gaming Reward for December.

Previously available for 800 Platinum, roughly $8, the Death’s Burden mount bundle now comes as a complimentary reward for Amazon Prime subscribers, delivering a significant saving for dedicated players. Unfortunately, there seems to be no recourse for those who have already purchased the bundle with Platinum, leaving them without an additional reward.

Diablo 4 enthusiasts aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits of Blizzard’s collaboration with Amazon Prime. Fans of World of Warcraft can grab the Tabard of Fury transmog, a relic from the discontinued TCG. Overwatch 2 players have the opportunity to acquire the Golfer: 76 skin, while Hearthstone fans can expand their collections with a random Epic card.

For gamers who joined Amazon Prime for holiday shopping, it’s a golden opportunity not only to enjoy the exclusive Diablo 4 Prime Gaming Reward for December but also to explore freebies from other beloved Blizzard franchises. As the year draws to a close, this collaboration adds an extra layer of excitement to the gaming community’s festivities.

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