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Diablo 4 Players Frustrated with Expensive Season 1 Battle Pass

Diablo 4 players outrage with Season 1 Battle Pass

Blizzard recently launched the first season of Diablo 4, introducing a new battle pass system to earn cosmetic rewards. However, many players are outraged at the price and grind required, calling it predatory.

The Premium Battle Pass costs 1000 in-game coins and has 90 levels, with exclusive cosmetics like pets, mounts, and armor transmogs at certain tiers. While players can technically earn everything without paying, the amount of gameplay required is excessive.

Completing daily and weekly challenges earns you Battle Points to level up the pass. But based on estimates, unlocking all 90 levels would take over 6 hours of gameplay every day for the entire 3-month season. Most players simply can’t commit that much time with Diablo 4 players outrage with Season 1 Battle Pass.

Many feel Blizzard designed the system to push players into buying tiers instead of earning them. The pass only unlocks the Premium track, you’d still need to pay much more to unlock all tiers immediately.

Some think these monetization tactics go against the spirit of Diablo, which is meant to be a rewarding loot grind, not a wallet grind. Players suggest lowering tier requirements or making challenges more rewarding.

Others defend the pass, saying you don’t need every cosmetic and the system funds future development. However, there are concerns Blizzard could make future passes even more demanding unless there is pushback now.

Making matters worse, the coin amounts from the pass seem intentionally predatory. No in-game shop items cost 666 coins earned from the pass. And the coins carryover between seasons in a way that always leaves you just short of affording the next pass.

The controversy illustrates the difficulties of balancing player progression and monetization in live service games like Diablo 4. Blizzard will need to strike the right balance to keep its community happy.

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