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Diablo 4 Glitch Allows Eternal Characters to Cross Into Seasonal Realm

Eternal Characters to Cross Into Seasonal Realm

Diablo 4 players were taken aback when the Season of the Malignant was announced, requiring them to start anew with a fresh character. While veterans were familiar with this concept, some newer players found it frustrating.

However, recent controversies and departures of major influencers have also plagued the game, raising concerns about its longevity. Nevertheless, for those still frustrated by the Seasonal character creation, a new glitch has emerged that may alleviate their concerns.

YouTuber Glitch Unlimited has posted a video detailing how this exploit enables inter-realm travel, offering various utilities to players.

The Exploit in Action

To take advantage of this glitch, players need to group up with a friend in the Seasonal Realm. By briefly disconnecting their internet, they can then log back into the Seasonal Realm with their existing Eternal characters. This allows them to bring all their gear and inventory items into the Seasonal Realm, resulting in numerous benefits.

Leveraging the Advantages

The exploit enables Eternal characters to sell their items for substantial amounts of gold, which can then be used to equip their Seasonal character. Moreover, they can store high-level weapons or Aspects in their inventory, gaining an advantage in the Seasonal Realm. An interesting twist is that Eternal characters can even bring Seasonal Aspects back to the Eternal Realm, presenting an opportunity for strategic gameplay.

Grinding with Boosted EXP

One of Diablo 4’s Seasonal Blessings grants boosted EXP gains, which can be immensely beneficial for leveling up quickly. By crossing over to the Seasonal Realm, the Eternal character can also reap the rewards of this blessing, further enhancing their capabilities.

Duration and Future Implications

The glitch, unfortunately, has a limitation, lasting only for the duration of a play session. Therefore, players need to repeat the process if they wish to continue trading or grinding.

It’s essential to note that Blizzard is undoubtedly keen on rectifying this issue in Patch 1.1.1 and beyond, as they strive to improve the game’s overall experience. Consequently, players seeking to exploit this glitch are advised to act quickly before the issue is addressed.

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