Destiny 2 Season 23 Unveiled as “Season of the Wish” in Surprise Teaser

Destiny 2 new season

Bungie has officially revealed that Destiny 2 new season will be known as the “Season of the Wish.” The announcement came after an unconventional teaser was integrated into the latest Destiny 2 weekly reset update, leaving fans eager to explore the mysteries behind this intriguing new season.

Despite recent divisive opinions within the Destiny 2 community, one aspect of the game that continues to captivate players is the addition of intricate puzzles. The most recent update unveiled a series of challenges that culminate in the resolution of the expansive Imbaru Engine puzzle with Destiny 2 new season.

This puzzle was introduced in Savathun’s Throne World during the ongoing Season of the Witch, offering players yet another opportunity to test their problem-solving skills.

What makes this puzzle particularly fascinating is its connection to Destiny 2’s enigmatic antagonist, Savathun. Upon successfully completing the Imbaru Engine puzzle, players are rewarded with a captivating cutscene that reveals a surprising revelation: Savathun’s wings conceal the elusive 15th wish, which is said to complete the enigmatic Wall of Wishes.

The Wall of Wishes is a Dreaming City device initially introduced as part of Destiny 2: Forsaken, the game’s third expansion released in September 2018. Players encountered this device during Forsaken’s Keep of Voices raid, allowing them to make wishes that could influence their experience within the event.

Remarkably, out of the 15 wishes, the final one remained a mystery, as it never seemed to trigger any visible effect, leaving the Destiny 2 community to ponder its cryptic message: “this one you shall cherish.”

The revelation from the Imbaru Engine puzzle’s reward cutscene has reignited speculation and theories about the 15th wish’s significance, and Bungie confirmed its return hours after the latest game update.

Via X (formerly Twitter), the developer congratulated players who had successfully unraveled the intricate rune puzzle and seized the opportunity to announce Destiny 2 new season, aptly named the “Season of the Wish.”

To add to the excitement, a promotional artwork accompanied the announcement, featuring three Guardians emerging from a portal alongside Riven, the formidable raid boss from “The Last Wish.”

While certain elaborate fan theories regarding the 15th wish may remain unproven, this revelation underlines Bungie’s intention to revisit Forsaken’s storyline in the near future. Players have wasted no time speculating about the nature of the 15th wish and its connection to Riven of Destiny 2 new season, using the promotional artwork as intriguing evidence to support their claims.

Following Destiny 2’s established tradition, the Season of the Wish is expected to be a quarterly affair. The season’s duration is set from November 28 to February 27, a timeframe previously confirmed by Bungie.

As Destiny 2 fans eagerly await the unfolding of the Destiny 2 new season, Season of the Wish, they can anticipate uncovering more secrets, facing new challenges, and delving deeper into the ever-evolving world of the game. The combination of intriguing storytelling and engaging puzzles continues to captivate players and keeps them invested in the Destiny 2 universe.

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