Dead by Daylight’s 2024 Roadmap Unveiled

Dead by Daylight 2024 Roadmap

Behaviour Interactive recently unveiled its highly anticipated 2024 roadmap for the popular asymmetric horror game, Dead by Daylight. The Dead by Daylight 2024 Roadmap announcement was accompanied by the introduction of a new killer, Chuckie from the Child’s Play franchise, known as “The Good Guy.” This revelation marks a significant step forward for the game, which has continually evolved since its 2016 release.

Dead by Daylight 2024 Roadmap

Gameplay Evolution

Dead by Daylight has undergone substantial growth and enhancement over the years, thanks to the introduction of new killers and survivors, each with unique abilities and strengths.

Currently boasting 34 killers and 39 survivors, the game’s expanding roster prompted concerns about potential imbalances affecting fairness. In response, Behaviour Interactive addressed player concerns by releasing a detailed Dead by Daylight 2024 Roadmap.

Killer Reworks

The roadmap outlines several killer reworks aimed at improving gameplay and addressing player feedback. The Onryo, also known as Ringu’s Sadako Yamamura, is set to undergo changes to align her playstyle more closely with her initial iteration, addressing concerns about her condemned mechanics.

Additionally, The Hillbilly and The Blight are slated for reworks to make them “less frustrating” for players. The former’s “overheat mechanic” and the latter’s add-ons are specifically targeted for adjustments.

The Twins, a popular duo in Dead by Daylight, are promised a “long-awaited update” with a power rework, addressing frustrations experienced by both players using and facing The Twins in Dead by Daylight 2024 Roadmap.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

Apart from killer updates, the Dead by Daylight 2024 Roadmap promises long-awaited quality-of-life improvements. One notable addition is a Field of Vision (FOV) slider, providing players with more control over their in-game perspective. Another significant change involves the introduction of a system to detect and mitigate the infamous “three-gen strategy,” a tactic employed by killers in matches.

Perk and Killer Tweaks

Behaviour Interactive plans to roll out updates to various perks, including Decisive Strike, Quick Gambit, and Shadowborn. Additionally, tweaks are in the works for specific killers, such as The Hag, The Pig, and The Huntress, addressing player feedback and enhancing overall gameplay balance.

Dead by Daylight's 2024 Roadmap Unveiled 1

Roadmap Details and Controversies

The roadmap spans from January 2024 to June 2024, aligning with the game’s eighth-anniversary event, which typically kicks off around June 14. However, the developer acknowledged that changes might occur on dates different from those outlined in the roadmap, urging players to be flexible with expectations.

Notably, Behaviour Interactive hinted at the introduction of an “anti-three-gen” system/mechanic, although details remain scarce. The potential implementation of such a system could prove controversial among players, making it an aspect to watch for future updates after the Dead by Daylight 2024 Roadmap.


Behaviour Interactive’s comprehensive Dead by Daylight 2024 Roadmap showcases the developer’s commitment to addressing player concerns, enhancing gameplay, and introducing long-awaited features.

With a mix of killer reworks, quality-of-life improvements, and perk tweaks, the roadmap sets the stage for an exciting and transformative year for one of the horror genre’s most enduring titles.

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