Dwarf Fortress: How to make Mugs

dwarf fortress how to make mugs

In the captivating world of Dwarf Fortress, the happiness of your dwarves often hinges on the availability of drinking vessels. While it is technically possible for these stout creatures to indulge in alcohol without mugs, it’s far from advisable. The question arises dwarf fortress how to make mugs.

Depriving them of these simple pleasures can lead to unhappy thoughts, which, in turn, can spell disaster for your fortress. Fortunately, crafting mugs, cups, goblets, or wooden vessels in Dwarf Fortress is not as daunting as it may seem. In this guide, we will walk you through the process, ensuring your dwarves enjoy their drinks without a care in the world.

Dwarf Fortress How to make Mugs

Method 1: Crafting Rock Mugs and Wooden Cups

The most straightforward drinking vessels to fashion in Dwarf Fortress or the answer of dwarf fortress how to make mugs are rock mugs and wooden cups. Rocks and wood are readily available resources, making this method a solid choice for budding fortress architects.

  1. Accessing the Workshop: To start, click on your Craftdwarf’s Workshop and select “add new task.” From there, click on either “rock” or “wood” to access the menu listing the available vessel options.
  2. Choose Your Material: In the menu, you can choose the material for your drinking vessel. Pick either “rock mug” or “wooden cup.” Both serve the same purpose – providing a means for your dwarves to enjoy their drinks.

Method 2: Crafting Metal Goblets and Glass Cups

While rock mugs and wooden cups are easy to create, you can also opt for the more sophisticated metal goblets and glass cups. However, this method involves a more complex process with dwarf fortress how to make mugs.

  1. Smelting Metal Goblets: a. Create Charcoal: Begin by using a Furnace to create charcoal. b. Smelt Metal Ores: Use the charcoal as fuel in a Smelter to smelt metal ores into bars. c. Forge Goblets: Finally, use those bars to craft metal goblets at a Metalsmith’s Forge. These shiny goblets are sure to impress your dwarves.
  2. Crafting Glass Cups: a. Gather Sand: Before crafting glass cups, gather sand using a Glass Furnace. b. Transform Sand: Use the Workshop, along with fuel, to transform the sand into glass cups. This process requires a bit more finesse but adds elegance to your tavern.

Stocking the Tavern

Once you’ve crafted your drinking vessels, it’s time to make them available to your dwarf patrons in the tavern. The process is uniform, regardless of the type of drinking vessel you’ve made in Dwarf Fortress How to make Mugs.

  1. Adding to Tavern: Place a coffer anywhere inside the tavern. Your dwarf patrons will take care of stocking the chest with mugs on their own, ensuring that everyone has access to a drink.
  2. Adjusting Goblet Numbers: If you wish to modify the number of goblets in your tavern’s chest, follow these steps: a. Open the zone menu. b. Click on the tavern zone. c. Click on the magnifying glass icon below the tavern’s name. d. Adjust the number of goblets using the “+” or “-” options.


In this comprehensive guide of dwarf fortress how to make mugs, we’ve covered two methods for crafting drinking vessels in Dwarf Fortress. Whether you choose the simplicity of rock mugs and wooden cups or the elegance of metal goblets and glass cups, your dwarves will appreciate the effort.

With their thirst quenched and spirits lifted, they’ll be better equipped to face the challenges of your thriving fortress. So, go forth and craft those mugs, for in the world of Dwarf Fortress, happiness can be as simple as a well-crafted drinking vessel.

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