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The Three-Faced Statue in Diablo 4 Guide

three faced statue diablo 4

The world of gaming has been abuzz with excitement since the release of Blizzard’s latest RPG, Diablo 4. Within this highly anticipated game lies a trove of hidden secrets waiting to be discovered by intrepid players.

One such enigmatic mystery is the Three faced statue diablo 4, an intriguing totem-like structure nestled within the Mistral Woods.

This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the purpose and significance of the Three-Faced Statue in Diablo 4, ensuring that players are equipped with the knowledge needed to embark on this captivating quest.

Understanding the Three faced statue diablo 4

The Three-Faced Statue, a unique and cryptic artifact in Diablo 4, makes its appearance during the Wayward quest. Your objective in this quest is to locate Neyrelle, a pivotal character in the game.

To do this, your journey will lead you to the Mistral Woods, where the statue stands. If you’ve come across the statue prior to this quest, don’t fret—it’s best to disregard it for now and focus on the quest at hand.

Purpose of Interacting with the Statue

The Three faced statue diablo 4 serves as a pivotal waypoint in Diablo 4, offering players a gateway to a new realm of adventure. When you interact with this enigmatic structure, a portal to the Darkened Holt dungeon materializes.

This mysterious dungeon is your passage to finding Neyrelle and progressing through the questline. Delve deep into the depths of the Darkened Holt, unraveling its secrets, and ultimately completing the task set before you.

three faced statue diablo 4
The Three-Faced Statue in Diablo 4 Guide 1

Locating the Three-Faced Statue

To embark on your quest to find Neyrelle, you must first locate the Three faced statue diablo 4. Situated near the quaint town of Yelesna, the statue is conveniently positioned northwest of the waypoint.

This central location ensures that players can easily access it and continue their journey through the game. Upon interaction with the statue, the entrance to the nearby Darkened Holt dungeon is revealed, setting the stage for the next phase of your adventure.

Overcoming Challenges: Statue Non-Appearance

While the Three faced statue diablo 4 is a critical component of the Diablo 4 experience, some players have encountered an issue where the statue fails to spawn in the game world. Fear not, as there are several solutions to this vexing problem:

  1. Reboot and Reconnect: Begin by exiting the game and relaunching it. Additionally, logging out of your account and logging back in might help trigger the appearance of the statue.
  2. Alternate Activities: If the statue still remains elusive, consider engaging in other quests or activities within the game. Afterward, revisit the location of the Three-Faced Statue. Sometimes, this simple change of focus can coax it into appearing.
  3. Seek Support: Should the issue persist, it’s advisable to submit a support ticket to Blizzard. The developers are undoubtedly working diligently to address any bugs or glitches that may hinder your gaming experience.


The Three faced statue diablo 4 is a captivating element within Diablo 4 that holds the key to unlocking new adventures and progressing through the game’s enthralling narrative. As you explore the Mistral Woods, interact with this enigmatic structure to uncover the entrance to the Darkened Holt dungeon, where Neyrelle awaits.

Though the occasional issue with the statue’s appearance may arise, the solutions provided ensure that your quest will continue unhindered. May your journey through Diablo 4 be filled with excitement, mystery, and triumphant discoveries.

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