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Unveiling the Diablo 4 Quest – “The Greater Good”: A Comprehensive Guide

The greater good Diablo 4

In the dark and treacherous world of Diablo 4, players encounter a myriad of quests that propel them deeper into the game’s immersive narrative.

One such quest, “The greater good Diablo 4,” emerges as a compelling mission that involves tracking down stolen supplies and navigating the intricate web of morality that surrounds the enigmatic character, Lyndon.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with a detailed walkthrough of “The greater good Diablo 4” side quest.

The greater good Diablo 4 Quest

1. Unlocking “The Greater Good”

Before embarking on “The greater good Diablo 4 quest,” players must first complete the “Dead in the Water” side quest, which is offered by Tomaj in the Forsaken Coast sub-region of Hawezar. After assisting Tomaj, Ervin, and Szilvia, players should seek out Lyndon for a pivotal conversation.

2. Lyndon’s Request

Lyndon, the charming yet morally ambiguous character, will beseech players to recover stolen supplies that have fallen into the hands of local bandits.

To aid you in this endeavor, he will send his trusted ally, Orton, to accompany you on your quest. With their assistance, it’s time to head to the marked area on the map and commence your search.

3. The Bandit Hideout

Upon reaching the designated area, players will stumble upon a chest nestled amidst a pile of goods that the bandits have presumably pilfered. The location is easily identifiable as it is marked by a blue circle on the map, and the telltale signs of approaching danger will be bandits shouting menacingly.

The greater good Diablo 4
Unveiling the Diablo 4 Quest - "The Greater Good": A Comprehensive Guide 1

4. Showdown with the Bandits

Engage the gang of bandits in combat, overcoming their hostility to retrieve the stolen supplies from the chest. Once you’ve successfully secured the items, make your way back to Lyndon to complete this phase of the The greater good Diablo 4 quest.

5. Rewards Await

Lyndon will generously reward players for their efforts, offering the customary spoils associated with The greater good Diablo 4 side quest.

Expect to receive a substantial sum of gold, valuable experience points, a resource cache to aid in your journey, and a considerable amount of Renown XP specifically for the Hawezar region.

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6. Unearthing the Moral Dilemma

As the quest unfolds, players will have the opportunity to delve deeper into Lyndon’s character. The bandits claim that the supplies rightfully belonged to them, insinuating that Lyndon had cheated them out of their dues.

In the aftermath of your confrontation with the gang, you can inquire with Orton about his belief in Lyndon’s innocence. Orton will staunchly defend his boss, asserting that Lyndon doesn’t betray innocent individuals in this The greater good Diablo 4.


In The greater good Diablo 4, Lyndon was initially portrayed as a cunning and unscrupulous character, driven by his insatiable desire for wealth. However, “The Greater Good” quest in Diablo 4 reveals a more intricate facet of his personality. Despite his questionable moral compass, Lyndon emerges as someone willing to endure the depths of Hell to safeguard the people around him and, of course, lay claim to vast treasures.

In this The greater good Diablo 4 quest, players not only uncover stolen supplies but also peel back the layers of a character who proves that even in a world as bleak as Diablo, shades of gray persist amidst the darkness. “The Greater Good” serves as a microcosm of the moral ambiguity and intrigue that define the Diablo universe, making it a compelling and thought-provoking addition to the game’s rich tapestry of quests and narratives.

Unveiling the Diablo 4 Quest – “The Greater Good”: A Comprehensive Guide

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