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Diablo 4 Scorched Debts Side Quest Walkthrough

scorched debts diablo 4

In the vast and treacherous world of Diablo 4, navigating through intricate side quests can sometimes be as challenging as confronting the darkest of demons. One such quest, the scorched debts diablo 4, found in Act 4 within the arid landscapes of the Dry Steppes region, often leaves even seasoned players scratching their heads.

Fret not, for we’ve prepared this comprehensive Diablo 4 Scorched Debts walkthrough to guide you through the convoluted maze of objectives, ensuring you claim the coveted rewards.

Starting the Scorched Debts Diablo 4 Quest

To embark on the scorched debts diablo 4 quest, you must first successfully complete the series of quests leading up to it. The Scorched Debts quest is the third installment in the Arbiter of the Steppes quest chain. Once you’ve fulfilled the prerequisites, head to the Dry Steppes region, making your way southwest from Bastard’s Pass to reach the quest’s starting point.

The quickest route to Bastard’s Pass is by utilizing the Onyx Watchtower stronghold waypoint in the Onyx Watchtower area. From there, proceed westward to reach the side quest area. Upon arrival, interact with the Scorched Debt Ledger, located on the ground at Bastard’s Pass, to initiate the Scorched Debts side quest in Diablo 4.

scorched debts diablo 4
Diablo 4 Scorched Debts Side Quest Walkthrough 1

Completing Scorched Debts Diablo 4

While the scorched debts diablo 4 quest is relatively straightforward, its length and complexity can lead to confusion regarding the objectives. Below, we provide a detailed breakdown of each task within the Scorched Debts side quest in Diablo 4:

1. Defeat Andreea the Shadow

Upon commencing the Scorched Debts side quest, your initial objective is to journey to Lakren’s Overlook. This area is conveniently close and easily reachable with your trusty mount. At the bandit camp, engage in a conversation with Andreea the Shadow, and after the dialogue concludes, vanquish her and the accompanying bandits.

2. Seek the Holder of the Ledger

Locating the Ledger requires a series of interactions with various characters. Begin with Urgem, who can be found in Ked Berdu. Speaking to Urgem will set you on the path to Svea, who is located at the Blacksmith. While Svea expresses disinterest in the Ledger, she directs you to meet Setsgi, the local healer.

Proceed to Setsgi and engage in a conversation. She will inform you that the book is in possession of her brother, Lyruk.

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3. Visit the Crown of Fiends

Lyruk awaits your arrival in the Crown of Fiends in scorched debts diablo 4 quest, situated southwest of the area. A brisk walk from the Fate’s Retreat waypoint will lead you to this location. Engage Lyruk in conversation, and he will recommend that you destroy the Ledger without delay.

However, attempting to burn the Ledger in the nearby campfire triggers an onslaught of Fallen Friends. Left with no alternative, Lyruk summons the entity that claims ownership of the Ledger.

4. Defeat the Orrosus Collector

Accompany Lyruk to the summoning site, where he performs the ritual to call forth the Orrosus Collector. As the formidable demon materializes, engage in battle to break the curse of the Ledger. Upon defeating the Orrosus Collector, you will successfully complete the Scorched Debts side quest in Diablo 4 and earn 20+ Renown and 1x Murmuring Cache.


The scorched debts diablo 4 may be a puzzling journey, but armed with this detailed walkthrough, you’ll navigate it with confidence and emerge victorious. Remember, the path to defeating darkness in Sanctuary is fraught with challenges, but your determination and knowledge will light the way. Good luck, Nephalem!

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