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Uncovering Family Legacies in Diablo 4: “Legacies of Light’s Watch” Side Quest

legacies of lights watch diablo 4

The followers of the enigmatic iconInarius in Diablo 4 are known for their inclination to shroud their actions and faith in secrecy, often discarding records that cast an unfavorable light on their endeavors.

The quest for knowledge, however, can prove irresistible, especially when it involves unraveling the mysteries of one’s own family. In this guide, we will take you through the side quest “Legacies of Lights watch Diablo 4, where you’ll embark on a journey to delve into the hidden records of the past.

How to Start legacies of lights watch Diablo 4

To initiate the “legacies of lights watch diablo 4” side quest, your adventure begins in the town of Margrave, nestled along the southwestern edge of the “Dobrev Taiga” iconDobrev Taiga. Here, your quest begins by approaching an injured individual named Zalan Coste and extending your assistance with the words, “You’re injured. Do you need help?”

This simple act of kindness will prompt Zalan to confide in you about his injuries sustained during an expedition into the ruins of a dungeon known as “Light’s Watch.” He seeks long-lost records that may shed light on his mother’s past service at this location.

While Zalan doesn’t formally request your aid, the quest will begin should you choose to undertake the perilous journey into “legacies of lights watch diablo 4” iconLight’s Watch on his behalf.

legacies of lights watch diablo 4
Uncovering Family Legacies in Diablo 4: "Legacies of Light's Watch" Side Quest 1

Where to Find the Archivist’s Journals in Light’s Watch

The ruins of “Light’s Watch” iconLight’s Watch are located a short distance north of Margrave, positioned between Margrave and “Kyovashad” iconKyovashad, just southwest of the Radiance Field Cemetery. Your primary objective within this dungeon is to locate three Archivist’s Journals, each thought to be hidden on Archivist’s Lecterns scattered throughout the labyrinthine ruins.

Beware, for the denizens of these ruins will not welcome your intrusion, and you may have to deal with them as you progress. While not formal quest objectives, the completion of dungeon-related tasks may be necessary to access the Archivist’s Journals, as is often the case with legacies of lights watch diablo 4 side quests.

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Within this dungeon, your first challenge may involve securing the Archivist’s Journals hidden behind the “Watchman’s Gate.” To do so, you must eliminate the formidable Watchmen guarding it. During our playthrough, we encountered two Watchmen named Grek Grauk and Rak Hunde, each with unique abilities.

After defeating these Watchmen, Watchman Lead Sou (equipped with Teleporter, Vampiric, and Summoner traits) will emerge and drop the “Watchman’s Key” icon Watchman’s Key upon defeat. This key is essential for unlocking the Watchman’s Door, where you will find the third Archivist’s Lectern. The remaining two Archivist’s Lecterns are typically located in the first half of the dungeon in legacies of lights watch diablo 4.

As you progress through “Light’s Watch” iconLight’s Watch, be prepared to confront marauders and other adversaries who may stand in your way. While these foes may not fit the literal definition of “fiends,” they are certainly formidable adversaries. Dispatch them with care, as your ultimate goal is to secure all three Archivist’s Journals, which contain the information Zalan Coste seeks in legacies of lights watch diablo 4.


Once you have successfully retrieved the three Archivist’s Journals from “Light’s Watch” iconLight’s Watch, return to Zalan Coste in Margrave to conclude the “legacies of lights watch diablo 4” side quest. Your efforts will be rewarded with a standard quest completion reward, including a Cache, experience points (XP), and Gold.

In the world of Diablo 4, where truth is often shrouded in darkness and knowledge comes at a perilous price, this quest exemplifies the unyielding thirst for understanding that drives adventurers to brave the depths of dungeons and uncover the legacies of their past. Good luck, Nephalem, in your pursuit of answers within the enigmatic “Light’s Watch.”

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