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Unraveling the Legacy Unmade Quest in Diablo IV: Cleansing the Cursed Woodsman’s Axe

diablo 4 legacy unmade

Embarking on a journey through the dark and treacherous world of Diablo IV, players encounter a multitude of quests and challenges. One such intriguing quest is “Diablo 4 Legacy Unmade,” which delves deep into the mysterious curse surrounding the Woodsman’s Axe.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the intricacies of this quest and how to cleanse the possessed axe, ensuring you emerge victorious in your adventures.

Starting the Diablo 4 Legacy Unmade Quest

The diablo 4 legacy unmade questline is a continuation of the Woodsman of Nevesk side quest. To initiate this enigmatic journey, players must first assist Magdalena in the quaint village of Nevesk by successfully completing the Woodsman of Nevesk side quest.

Upon retrieving the Woodsman’s Axe and returning it to Magdalena, you’ll discover that the axe is anything but ordinary. It possesses a malevolent curse that drives her into madness, leading her to the Red Cellar.

The Chain of Possession of diablo 4 legacy unmade side quest in Menestad becomes your next challenge as you aid Parin, the priest, in dealing with Magdalena.

Once Magdalena is defeated and the Woodsman’s Axe is handed over to Parin, he’ll beckon you to meet him in the Crags of Ill Wind, marking the commencement of the Legacy Unmade quest. This quest is essential to uncovering the axe’s cursed history and freeing Magdalena from her torment.

diablo 4 legacy unmade
Unraveling the Legacy Unmade Quest in Diablo IV: Cleansing the Cursed Woodsman's Axe 1

The Journey to the Crags of Ill Wind

Before you can embark on the Diablo 4 Legacy Unmade quest, it’s crucial to complete both the Woodsman of Nevesk and Chain of Possession side quests. From Menestad, your journey takes you northeast towards the foreboding Crags of Ill Wind.

Parin’s location is conveniently marked on your map, ensuring you don’t lose your way. Once you locate Parin, engage in conversation with him, and prepare to enter the Sanctified Study, a small cellar adjacent to the priest.

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Destroying the Cursed Woodsman’s Axe

Inside the Sanctified Study, you’ll remain in close proximity to Parin as he enlightens you about the ritual he intends to perform. Your primary objective is to pick up the accursed Woodsman’s Axe, which rests upon a table in the center of the room.

With the axe safely in your possession, approach the chalice near Parin and initiate the ritual. However, be forewarned: a formidable boss encounter awaits you in Diablo 4 legacy unmade. Specifically, you must confront the very Woodsman you encountered during the initial stages of the questline.

Defeating this formidable Elite Woodsman is mandatory to proceed with the ritual. Once victory is achieved, approach the chalice once more and interact with the Woodsman’s Axe, thus bringing about its destruction. Your final task is to converse with Parin, marking the completion of the Legacy Unmade side quest.

Rewards and Conclusion

Your successful completion of the Diablo 4 Legacy Unmade quest brings a wealth of rewards, including gold, experience points, 20 Renown Points, and a valuable Cache. This questline unravels the captivating story behind the cursed Woodsman’s Axe and the malevolent demon that tormented Magdalena.

With the curse lifted and the axe destroyed, you are now free to explore the remaining side quests in the Fractured Peaks region before embarking on your next adventure. Diablo IV’s world is fraught with peril and intrigue, and the Legacy Unmade quest serves as a testament to the depths of darkness and the resilience of those who dare to confront it.

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