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Diablo 4 dead in the water choice Quest Guide

Diablo 4 dead in the water choice

In the sprawling world of Diablo 4, the questlines offer players immersive experiences filled with challenges and rewards. One such captivating quest is “Dead in the Water,” nestled among the 49 Hawezar side-quests that beckon completionists.

This intricate hybrid quest demands players to eliminate foes, gather resources, and execute a somber task of burning corpses. In this guide, we will delve into the details of diablo 4 dead in the water choice guiding you through its initiation, challenges, and decision points.

Starting the Quest

The beauty of Diablo 4 dead in the water choice lies in its accessibility, devoid of any specific prerequisites. All you need is to venture into the Hawezar region within Act 5. Your journey will lead you to Backwater, a quaint coastal settlement nestled within the eastern expanse of the Forsaken Coast.

Quick travel to Backwater can be accomplished via the town’s Waypoint, granted you have unlocked it during a prior visit. Upon reaching Backwater, your goal is to locate two key characters, Tomaj and Szilvia, on the town’s eastern side.

As you engage with the characters, a storyline unfolds. Tomaj, seemingly inebriated, converses with Szilvia, who had relied on him for an important task. Despite his state, Tomaj boasts his capability to undertake the job at hand. Once Szilvia departs, Tomaj enlists your assistance in the matter.

Diablo 4 dead in the water quest
Diablo 4 dead in the water choice Quest Guide 1

Quest Location

“Dead in the Water” is situated within the heart of Forsaken Coast’s eastern reaches, within the confines of Backwater. To commence the quest, engage in dialogue with Tomaj. This interaction exposes a burgeoning issue – numerous Drowned sightings, which Tomaj attributes to potential transformations into monsters.

Alone and needing help, Tomaj seeks your partnership in identifying and incinerating bodies that have washed ashore. In return, he pledges to aid your survival in this unfamiliar realm but you have Diablo 4 dead in the water choice to make.

Diablo 4 dead in the water choice
Diablo 4 dead in the water choice Quest Guide 2

Quest Walkthrough

The quest’s progression unfurls across several stages. Close to the marked blue circle on your map, you’ll discover Salvaged Resources and Fresh Corpses. Upon arrival, you’ll be confronted by Drowned creatures. While some might pose formidable challenges, most should succumb to your prowess. These foes yield Salvaged Resources, with around 10 needed for this segment.

Next, you’ll encounter the Fresh Corpses in Diablo 4 dead in the water choice. Dispatch nearby adversaries before interacting with each corpse. Upon your actions, Tomaj dutifully carries out the somber task of burning the remains.

Amidst this, you’ll chance upon Ervin, a survivor of a ship attack. Your journey culminates after locating and burning three Fresh Corpses, whereupon you escort Ervin back to Szilvia.

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diablo 4 dead in the water choice: Choosing Truth or Deception

Szilvia’s reaction to the completed task ushers in a pivotal decision-making moment. If you inform her that you assisted Tomaj, suspicion arises, compelling her to instruct you to meet the boss.

Conversely, in Diablo 4 dead in the water choice, misleading her with the assertion that Tomaj singlehandedly accomplished the task spares him from dismissal. Although your choice here is significant, it ultimately guides you toward the same meeting with the boss.

Diablo 4 dead in the water choice Quest Guide

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