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Diablo 4: How To Skip Dialogues & Cutscenes

Diablo 4 can't skip dialogue

For veteran demon slayers who want to get right back into the action, here’s a guide on quickly skipping past dialogues and cutscenes in Diablo 4 and answer for Diablo 4 can’t skip dialogue.

Diablo 4 can’t skip dialogue

Mash The Skip Buttons

The quickest way to skip dialogues and cutscenes is to hold down your skip button. On PlayStation, hold Circle. On Xbox, hold B. On PC, tap the Escape key. This will instantly skip past any conversations or cinematics.

You can start mashing the button as soon as the sequence begins, and you’ll breeze past before the characters can even start speaking. This is perfect for when you want to skip something entirely and get back to gameplay.

Fast Forward Through Dialogues

If Diablo 4 can’t skip dialogue and you want to fast forward through a conversation to a certain part, you can tap your progress button repeatedly. On PlayStation, tap X. On Xbox, tap A. On PC, left-click. This will cycle through the dialogue much quicker so you can listen to the parts you want.

Use this when you want to hear only key lines or information but don’t need the full back and forth. It’s great for speeding through repetitive NPC interactions.

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Fix For Cutscene Skip Bug

Some players have reported a bug where they can’t skip cutscenes using the above methods. If you encounter this, try alt-tabbing out of the game and back in. This should re-enable the skip key.

Alternatively, you can hit the Windows key to minimize the game, then maximize it again. This refresh of the game window should let you skip cutscenes as intended.

Hopefully the issue will be patched soon so players can smoothly progress. But in the meantime, tabbing out and back in should get past any troublesome unskippable sequences.

The key for answer Diablo 4 can’t skip dialogue is being able to instantly skip past anything you don’t want to sit through again on repeated playthroughs. With these skip options, you can curate your own streamlined Diablo 4 experience.

Diablo 4: How To Skip Dialogues & Cutscenes

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