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Can’t attack diablo 4: Here’s the Solution

can't attack diablo 4

As an avid Diablo fan, I was ecstatic when Diablo IV’s early access launched last week. This dark gothic world of demons and monsters provides endless hours of dungeon crawling and loot hunting fun.

However, several frustrating bugs have reared their ugly heads during my time in Sanctuary, the most annoying being when my character can’t attack diablo 4 enemies or use any skills. Nothing is more aggravating than standing there helplessly while your hero gets pummeled to death.

What causes players can’t attack diablo 4?

After digging into forums and reddit, I’ve discovered this inability to take action seems tied to zoning into new areas. Players report after going through a portal or entering a new region, they find themselves suddenly pacifist unable to raise a hand in their defense.

Obviously, this can quickly lead to an untimely death, especially for hardcore characters. Many early access testers have voiced anger over losing hardcore heroes this way. While an inconvenient bug in general of Can’t attack diablo 4, it’s downright deadly for hardcore mode.

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How to Fix Can’t Attack or Use Skills in Diablo 4

So how can you get your attacks and skills back in action? Here are some tips I’ve collected from players experiencing Can’t attack diablo 4 vexing issue:

  • Relaunching Diablo IV – Simply exiting the game and restarting seems to resolve the problem about half the time. Whenever it happens to me, this is the first solution I attempt.
  • Logging Out of Battle.net – Make sure to fully log out of your Battle.net account before restarting Diablo IV. This may help clear out any glitches.
  • Restarting Your PC/Console – If the above steps fail, try rebooting your entire system. This clears system memory and can knock things back into place.
  • Reinstalling Diablo IV – The nuclear option if all else fails, uninstall Diablo IV entirely and redownload. Thankfully this drastic measure usually isn’t required.
  • Return to Character Select – Before fully relaunching Diablo IV, some users have luck simply going back to the character select screen. From there you can load your character again.

No matter which solution ends up working for you, make sure to post about it on Blizzard’s technical support forums. The more feedback they receive about bugs like this, the quicker they can address them in patches. Here’s hoping this particular glitch gets squashed soon, as it severely hinders enjoying Diablo IV’s exhilarating gameplay due to Can’t attack diablo 4.

In summary, don’t let an inability to attack or use skills ruin your Diablo IV experience. Try restarting the game, logging out of Battle.net, or rebooting your system to get back into the action.

And be extra cautious when entering new zones or portals to avoid the issue altogether. With luck, Blizzard will deploy a fix soon for cant attack diablo 4 so we can fully immerse in Sanctuary without random pacifist mode interrupting our dungeon delves!

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